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David's Week Long Birthday Open Mic Tour of Houston

We started the Open Mic tour on Wednesday at the Bayou Sports bar (but forgot the camera).  We saw and heard some great players and singers, including Buddy Allen, Sherrie Koy, Dave Kirby, Pete Bosshart, Paul, John Barton and the fabulous Katy (backup singer for Johnny Bush).  Thursday we began the evening at the Lone Star Bar in Humble with Mark Zeus and the Uncalled Four.  We did a few songs as a duo and then the band joined us for a couple more.  After some birthday toasts we headed over to the Hops House to catch their Thursday night Open Mic.   We arrived late, but Pam set us up and we kinda sucked (couldn't be from too many toasts),  but we have it on good authority that "it was hardly noticeable".   Friday, we did not hit any open mics, and instead went to see our new (and very talented) friend Alison Bentley from the trio "'Bout Time" performing at the Elegant Hogg.  When we arrived, we also found Willie B sitting in with the band along along with Patrick Brennan.   David had many many tequila shots of brands that were new to us.  Needless to say, fun was had by all.  Saturday was David's actual birthday.  We started the day early by performing for the Special Olympics benefit out in far west Katy.   Later that evening we were off to see Kelly Willis's show at the Mucky Duck.  It was a packed house and seating was tight, you meet new people in this situation weather you want to or not.  Luckily we had some good table-mates.  The show was great, of course, and we had a chance to visit with Kelly afterward.    Then, we headed over to Sansone's for their Saturday Open Mic.  We were on a tight schedule, so we listened to some of the open mic performers and then went around the corner to JP's Hops House to see Willie B and his band performing.    Sunday we wound down the birthday week.  We started at the Armadillo Palace with Chicken George and the Houston Musicians Meetup.  This is a great venue and we had fun performing, especially on their new PA system.  There were some really fine singers here today and we had some great burgers.  It would not be right unless we wound down the Open Mic tour back  at the Hops and and so we headed  over to see Jim and Pam (your friendly proprietors) for their Sunday Night Open Mic.  We had lots of fun and there were all kinds of impromptu performances.  And JoSal showed the little devil in him. (the photo tells it all.)

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Our first stop - the Lone Star Bar in Humble

We Joined Mark Zeus and the "Uncalled 4" band for a fun time.

Mark Zues & the Uncalled 4.

Mark Zues & David.. A Toast

David and The Band

Kyle, David, Rick, Peter, & Mark Z

At the Hops House Thursday Night Open Mic

(Glynace, Jim, David, Dodd, and Pam)

Friday at the Elegant Hogg. 'Bout Time band joined by Willie B on guitar.

Elegant Hogg on Friday - 'Bout Time joined by Patrick Brennan on Sax

Sharon & Skip

Another Birthday Toast! How many Patrone's does it take to make a birthday boy happy?

Sweet Mo and Sharon, Skip & Kelly. Kelly closes her eyes when she's making up crap.

Kelly Willis on Stage at the Mucky Duck - David Birthday.

Kelly Willis - At the Mucky Duck

Happy Birthday David!

David & Kelly Willis after the show.

At the Armadillo Palace. David and Chicken George

Sunday at the JP Hops House.

Willie B and JoSal jammin together.

Sunday at the Hops House. Willie B, JosSal and

Van Buchanan adding harmonies.

The Grab! JOSAL you dog you. Sarah gets a real surprise.

JoSal, Sarah, Willie B, Matt Harlan, David, Beverly & Van Buchanan


The Group at the Hops House

Kelly, JoSal, Sarah, Matt, David, Beverly, & Van


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