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McConigles Mucky Duck - 8/22/05

Lone Star Saloon 8/20/05 - photos by Pat Bishop & Esther Bishop


The Hanshaws at The Lone Star Saloon 5/14/05


The Hanshaws at the Kat Rose CD Release Party 4/23/05
Kelly & David sining harmonies at Kat Rose CD release     Kat Rose w/Kelly & David Hanshaw singing harmonies    Saylor White with Chris Collins doing some backup    Kelly & David doing more harmonies   Chris Collins playing guitar for Kat Rose on Patricia's Lullaby and backup harmonies by Kelly & David Hanshaw
Kelly & David doin' backup   Kat Rose w/Kelly & David    Saylor White & Chris Collins   Kelly & David Hanshaw       Chris Collins & Kat Rose
 Kat Rose and the Kat Rose Band at CD release party John Barton and Tony Rose pumpin it up while Kat Rose makes her way to the stage. 
 Kat Rose Band                John Barton & Tony Rose
Lone Star Saloon 4/9/05

  Kelly, Glenn Miller, David & Vic Ramirez at the Lone Star Saloon     Vic from "Bad Habit" tyring out Kelly's little blue guitar   Vic Ramirez from "Bad Habit" sittin in on Kelly's little guitar.  
           Kelly, Glenn, David & Vic         Vic Ramirez & David    Vic Ramirez (a "Bad Habit")          
                                                                                                with David & Kelly             

JP Hops House - with Willie B. and Jen Rathbun  11/27/04

   David & Kelly                                                    Willie B w/David & Kelly          Wille B, Jen Rathbun and the Hanshaws   

JP Hops House - Texas Songwriters Showcase 11/12/04

Willie B, Kelly, David and Michael Pope (in rear)

Gordy Quist, Jim and Pam Fowler, Michael Pope, Willie B and yours truly.

The Lone Star Saloon 9/2004 (debut of the Hanshaw Duo)



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