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Here are some pics from our 2nd Annual Houston Open Mic Tour!  We had a blast!!  Needless to say, Kelly had fun time.


Click on photo for larger view.

Photos from Blanco's:
TC Smythe joining Kelly & David Hanshaw on stage for harmonies from the rear!  David & Kelly Hanshaw w/TC Smythe adding harmonies Kelly & David - man this feels like home Kelly & David - feelin like old home week in a real country bar TC Smythe & Kelly Hanshaw (we don't know  the beer-pushin bimbo in the back)
Man this feels like home... a real country bar. 
  Larry Sepulvado with David Hanshaw adding some harmonies Willie B & Dennis providing elec guitar & steel guitar in Larry's Band Mark Zeus with Sherri and Glenace at Blanco's TC Smythe & Gary Taylor - "Smythe & Taylor" always a good performance Steve Smith of Blanco's and David Hanshaw

Photos from "Spudstock" at The Hops House:
 Susan Gibson (writer of song "Wide Open Spaces" recorded by the Dixie Chicks) TC Smythe and Susan Gibson on stage at The Hops House "Spudstock" party 
Susan Gibson at the Hops House.  Susan is the writer of "Wide Open Space" (joined by TC Smythe on harmonies)

 Elton John made it to the Spudstock party too!
Elton Showed up too!


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