David Hanshaw

David Hanshaw - Bio

Originally from West Virginia, David's musical experience started while he was still in school in Tucson, AZ ...when the other students were attending the school dances, he was playing them with his band.

His many years experience as a working musician include playing in groups ranging from Folk, Rock, Disco and Country.   One of his earlier experiences includes touring as the lead guitarist for Spanky McFarlane, of Spanky and Our Gang, in her 1978 Summer Revival Tour. (Spanky is noted for her 1968 #1 song of the year, "Sunday Will Never Be the Same.”)   Spanky thought David resembled the Gibb Brothers (The Bee Gees) and so she billed David as another of their brothers, David Gibb, for the tour.  No one ever knew otherwise.  David got his first taste of Hollywood after spending weeks in an LA studio where he contributed to the movie score for  "Shame, Shame on the Bixbie Boys.”

David' s first solo album, "The David Dollar Revue" a country/rock flavored style was recorded in the early 80's and helped him launch his band, The David Dollar Revue, into the regional markets. He and his band toured Colorado and New Mexico, while also bouncing in and out of their home base of Tucson, AZ. The country swing craze was heating up and Dancin' Dan put out a series of albums entitled "Country Swing USA" in which David also appears and did very well regionally. David’s song "Country Girl of Denver" was recorded as a single by Tucson artist, John E. Mann, and received strong regional air-play as well.

David met Kelly Copeland in Tucson, AZ while working some of the same venues. They later started working together, the two married and hit the road together.  The rest is history.

David is currently a proud member of:
NSAI  (Nashville Songwriters Association)
HSA (Houston Songwriters Assoc.)
HAAM  (Houston Assoc of Acoustic Musicians)
BMI Publishing